Part 2 of Elliott Wave International’s expansive NEW Deflation Survival eBook is online now. The free 60-page eBook is packed with Robert Prechter's most important teachings and warnings about deflation. This is one of the most valuable resources EWI has ever offered at no cost. Learn more below or download it now – for free.

We contacted you earlier this week to tell you about an exciting, free 60-page eBook our friends at Elliott Wave International have just put together.

The new eBook is compiled from Bob Prechter’s most important teachings and warnings about deflation.

Much like Prechter’s wildly popular Independent Investor eBook, this new Deflation Survival eBook will transform the way you think – about inflation and deflation.

Most financial experts were caught completely of guard by the real estate top in 2005. Many thought the Dow Industrials index would sour well beyond its 14,000 peak. Others saw weakness in U.S. stocks but said the dollar would also crash and hyperinflation would immediately ensue.

Only ONE analyst, that we know of, made the following forecasts:

  • Real estate, stocks and commodities would all top.
  • A monumental credit crisis would reduce lending and borrowing around the world.
  • The dollar would rally.
  • Deflation would reign across almost all asset classes.

That analyst’s name is Robert Prechter.

Prechter – a man who’s made the arduous journey from fame to outcast and back – has scoured his complete writings on deflation and compiled the most important into a special 60-page Deflation Survival eBook.

Until today, most of the forecasts and advice in this still-prescient eBook have been released only to Prechter’s faithful subscribers. Now the 60-page Deflation Survival eBook can be yours for free.

Learn more about this unique opportunity by following the link below.

Download Your Free eBook


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