Programming An EA

I'm finding it takes a lot more time to program an EA than I would expect. Alternately, perhaps I am dumb enough to think that I could just throw together some ideas and have a profit machine?Anyway, after another night of testing I have some new software that is able to detect or indicate various conditions.I'm hoping that doing enough visual testing will clue me in enough, personally, to the

MT4 - Moving Average Crossover

Believe it or not I think I'm going to use a simple moving average crossover as a signal for my automated trading system.Obviously, and testing verifies this, there are two issues to manage:1) Getting whipsawed.2) Entering the trend too late.I believe that I can at least alleviate these issues somewhat. Technical indicators can provide clues about whether or not the market is currently trending

Ongoing MT4 Development

As I develop and test more expert advisers I see just how tricky it is to translate common sense into a series of hard and fast rules.In short, my adviser does stupid things!When I trade Forex on my own I'll combine a "feel" for the current situation along with some technical indicators. For example, in recent times, if something funny is going on, then the market I'm trading almost always takes
It is not looking particularly well for GBPUSD. In the other hand, EURUSD and AUDUSD is looking good for a long term trade. I am taking the long position. It may take a very long time to profit but looking at the chart from a technical view, EURUSD and AUDUSD is in a good position for a long term trading.

I dont exactly know the entry point but I do know the direction. It is time to monitor the shorter time frame in order to find the best possible entry and to minimize stop loss.

It may take sometime but I dont care. I have been waiting for this moment almost 2 months. Look at the charts and see the formation of daily, 4 hour, 30 minute and 5 minute. You may see something that took me over 2 years to see.

Only time can tell if my calculation is correct. At the moment I am still waiting for the 5 minute chart to give and entry signal.

Good luck to us all.

MT4 Programming

I love the fact that I can program the MT4 system. However, wouldn't it be nice if there was documentation in English? Well, yes, there is some, but it obviously wasn't written by somebody who speaks it fluently.Anyway, I spent much of the weekend fooling around with some custom expert advisers. One or two had promise, but obviously if it was easy to do then everyone would be doing it. It

Automated Forex Trading Robot

I've signed up for a second account. This one is at a broker that uses a dealing desk and an MT4 based trading platform.Why?Because I write software for a living. Because I sometimes have a decided lack of discipline. Because my life is stressful and I don't need to be glued to my screen worrying about charts, margins and limits.No, really, it's because I'd like to think that I can create a

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People struggle in Forex Trading! Thats a cold fact for 90% of traders in forex market. They struggle in making a single profitable trade, let alone making a good living. For most of the forex traders, the problem is not that they don't have commitment or money to spare. The problem is that they receive the systems from wrong hands(with that I mean fake Gurus)When you are going to get a system


This blog has not been regularly updated. This is due to internet connection problem. It has been months now and my internet connection is still not up to 100% fitness level. I can post text but I cannot upload pictures or any attachment. I even opted to use my office internet during the day for my uploads.

As for forex I am playing the short term game. 5 minute TF to be exact. It is much safer since my internet is not stable. Its a intraday system trading the 30 minute trend with a 5 minute signal for entry and exit. So far so good.

Actually the system is simple. It is based on MA and RSI only. Even trading is simple for me nowadays. It seems that experience changes me. I am no longer sitting in front of the PC hoping for miracle. There is no miracle in Forex. It is just knowledge and study so that the direction can be expected.

The longer I trade the more I understand. After all I am still learning with every trade. Now I understand how people can trade from candlestick alone. This is because the best indicator is not on the screen but in your head. Use your brain, the best indicator of all.

By the way just wanted to invite you to my flickr page. Just an old hobby given new life with a new DSLR A350. Now I have 3 camera, each one with its own unique features. Do check out my flicr page and tell me if you like my photography style. Just needed to find a model for my portrait shot.

Back to Forex its in ranging mode now but the daily chart is showing a weakness is trend. EU is a downtrend but is weakening at the moment. 30m chart is still showing a downtrend at the moment with 5m chart is supporting it. So for today the best bet is to short EU but watch out for the long term trade.

Infrequent Nibbles

I'm getting into this small position size infrequent trading style.For example, with a pittance of my capital at risk I am earning nearly a 5% annual return. What am I trading? I'm holding the ever popular AUDJPY carry trade pair of course.Even with the recent wildfires in Australia I really don't see them falling off the map completely. Come on, realistically, how low can their dollar sink?

Forex Profit Farm - Something incredible is coming!!

Forex Trading is about using trading strategy that is time tested and is easy to use. Not only should it be easy to understand, it should be easy to use as well.But the thing that is missing in most of the products in the market is that they don't work or they are incomplete. They leave too many questions unanswered.But there is something incredible coming in form of Forex Profit FarmA detailed

Not Enough Time To Trade

Well, my days have become very busy as of late. I go to work early, come home late, and need to get some sleep when I am not swamped with the normal day to day duties of life. I need time to cook and clean, pay the bills, service the car, look after my home, watch the superbowl, do laundry, and so on.While I've been making money I certainly am not making enough money to hire someone to look

4 Easy Steps to Remove Emotions from Your Forex Trading

Emotions are the one of the greatest problems of the Forex traders. Almost every beginning trader, who starts with the demo account, experiences a great success in his trading, but fails to carry this success to the real money account. What’s the problem? Emotions! When we lose we feel frustration and sometimes even despair. Winning can cause us to lose control over our actions and turn our trading into a gambling or cause a serious overtrading. So here are the four easy steps to stop emotions from ruining your Forex trading:

  1. Single loss is not your fault. It’s not even the market’s fault. And it’s not your system’s fault. It’s just a loss. No trader or system can guarantee 100% winning rate. So, losses should happen. If you lose then your system works. It may even lose again, but that won’t change the full picture. Trading doesn’t work with a single loss or win; it works with the loss rate and risk-to-reward ratios. So, next time you lose, remember that there is no one to blame, because there is no guilt in losing.
  2. If the losses prevail over the winning positions then check your risk-to-reward ratio first. If each of your losses is less than a third of your single winning position then maybe your system is intended to work with 65% of your positions in the red zone? If your risk-to-reward ratio doesn’t compensate your poor loss-to-win ratio, you still don’t have to blame yourself, the market or your system. Probably, it’s just the wrong system for the market you are trading in. Time changes and the old systems stop working, while the new ones are created. Just switch to something else and continue your pursuit of success.
  3. Single winning position is not an indicator of your success. The same as with the losses don’t treat a single win as your accomplishment. It’s just a part of the routine process of trading Forex.
  4. If your winning rate is high during the long period of time and the risk-to-reward ratio is rather low then I can congratulate you with finding the right strategy that worked fine for the kind of market you were trading on during that period. That’s it! Stick with it until your winning rate declines below the satisfying level. Then look at the number 2.