Future of the Forex Market

The Forex trading is already a very popular kind of the accessible financial trading. It’s now more like a «people financial trading» with many traders treating it as some kind of the «home business» opportunity. The popularity of the on-line Forex trading (and the popularity of the Forex was insignificant before the on-line era) has began rather recently — about 8-9 years ago. Every new year brings us new changes and developments. What will be the future of the Forex market?

It may seem almost impossible but the Forex market will become even more popular than it is now. A lot of people has already heard about the Forex, but know little about it and never tried trading. If the past several years were dedicated to informing people about the Forex, the next few years will be about getting as many people as possible to actually try trading Forex, at least on demo. The increasing popularity will lead to an increased amount if the related information — analysis, trade ideas, systems, strategies, expert advisors, etc. People will start discussing Forex not only at the dedicated forums and chatrooms, but at the unrelated meetings and parties.

The trends will become less distinctive. The large amount of participants will mean a faster and more flexible reaction to the global events — like natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war conflict outbreaks, commercial news and so on. The volatility will rise also because of the wider range of the systems, strategies and the analytical reports.

The stricter regulation will also influence the market participants, attracting more conservative traders. The unregulated Forex brokers will also remain popular though because some traders will value the cheapness and the easiness of trading more than the comfort of being protected by the state’s laws.

Paid systems and strategies will continue to flourish despite the fact that the free similar version will be widely available. The new marketing techniques will do their work enriching all those who decide to create their own paid «get rich with Forex scheme».


When people say free forex signal, it refer to an instruction to trade specific currency pair at a certain price. Normally this signal is based on the trader study and experience. It is more of a personal view of things to come.

In certain cases the signal does work. In a different situation, it fails. This is because the person giving that signal is also a small trader. His study is based on either technical or fundamental with no real money to back it up.

If that person is good, he will have enough followers and the total money traded towards his signal will back him up and make the currency move. If that person have very few followers, then he is swimming alone in a sea full of sharks.

That is what most of us do. We do not coordinate and we work alone in forex. Thats why the sharks are taking their time and making easy picking of us, swallowing one at a time. It doesnt sounds good but its the truth. Now you dont have to wonder why most people fails and why banks keep on making huge profit.

If you want to take forex signal, take it from someone who you can trust from inside the banks. They have a lot more info and study on forex. The amount of info, knowlegde, manpower and money is impossible for any of us to compete.

For some people who manage to find a method to be profitable in forex, its a good thing. You have found a way to take advantage of the system. The system after all is developed by human and human by itself is full of weaknesses.

For those of you who is losing, its time to think about swimming alone is a sea of sharks. Time to find friends and help each other out in terms of knowledge and money power.

Dont get me wrong, I am in profit today. I have found a way to take advantage of the system though its like a mouse, stealing food one little bit at a time. Better to profit a little than losing all the time but for how long are you willing to be the small fish. Always jumping in and out of trade. Hoping for the trend to hold long enough for you to gain a little profit.

In order for me to grow in forex, I need to team up. It has long been in my mind, just looking for the right opportunity and people. Anyone here think the same?


GbpUsd is not going up, celcom 3g is not getting better. Trading is getting slower. Looking at the daily chart GU is still a downtrend. Only time will tell in the mean time I stumble upon a system worth looking into. Its not mine but it is beautifully created taking into account the strength of trend. A style that is safe to me.

Trend has it momentum, when you enter when the momentum is strong enough the price will continue it course. Thats how you profit as a small fish

Bold 2009 Prediction for You

Here's my bold prediction for you in 2009!

You will break your trading resolutions by the end of February.
  • You will abandon your trading plan
  • You will fall into the same destructive trading patterns you resolved to change
  • Your account will earn the same or less than in 2008
I know this this sounds harsh, but statistically speaking, that's what will happen to most traders. So, are you going to let this happen to you?

True, statistics cover populations and not individual traders. The fact is, its traders who are outside of th enorm and trade with focused discipline that really achieve their financial goals. When is now the time to re-focus with discipline and dedication and really commit yourself to your trading plan?

Today is January 15, 2009 and February is just around the corner.

Let this be your wake-up call!

Be honest with yourself and focus with the discipline of a seasoned trader on staying true to your trading plan or risk becoming a statistic!

Happy "Disciplined" Trading!!



In my long last post I mentioned I was waiting for 1.4650 level. It did reach and a bit more down. At the moment it is at 1.5000. Its a slow climb and looking at daily chart it is still a downtrend but if it maintain its course, it will go uptrend soon.

Still having trouble with internet. Celcom 3G is not as stable as it used to be. I cannot upload and having trouble login to forex account. Anyone else having problem with Celcom 3G??

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Forex Jourey

Fundamental Conjecture

Something to keep in mind when you consider where the currency markets will be heading in 2009.It appears that the Obama stimulus package will contain a $250,000 write off for business expenses. This is huge. Smaller businesses, when generating expenses, are not generally spending their money outside of the US. Vehicles, machinery, tools, raw goods or whatever else is eligible for this tax
FOREX RethinkThough I've been trading the AUDJPY on a 15m chart quite a bit, and with reasonable success, I am thinking about moving to a larger time frame. Well, to be accurate, it's not so much that I plan to use a different chart. What I really want to do is accumulate positions over a longer period of time.Do you know why?Because, if I can accumulate a bunch of positions that are at some