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Short Term Analysis - Apr 28, 2008

20080428_audusd_1.gifAUDUSD Analysis.
AUDUSD formed a short term cycle top at 0.9541 and dropped sharply to as low as 0.9290. Further decline to test 0.9220 area to reach the next cycle bottom on 4-hour chart is still possible in a couple of days. Key support is at 0.9205, a break of this level will signal the reversal to the up trend.

20080428_eurusd_1.gifEURUSD Analysis.
EURUSD is now in down trend. Rebound from 1.5554 is treated as consolidation to the down trend. Deeper decline to test 1.5342 (Mar 24 low) support is still possible after consolidation. Near term resistance is at 1.5707, a break of this level will indicate lengthier consolidation and delay the resumption of the down trend.

20080428_usdcad_1.gifUSDCAD Analysis.
USDCAD formed a short term cycle top at 1.0214 on 4-hour chart. Further fall below 0.9987 previous low is still possible in the next several days. Key resistance is at 1.0214, only rise above this level will signal the resumption of the long term up trend.

20080428_gbpusd_1.gifGBPUSD Analysis.
GBPUSD rebounded sharply from 1.9676. However, the rise from 1.9676 is treated as correction to the down trend. As long as 2.0029 key resistance holds, we’d expect down trend to resume and then fall below 1.9599 could be seen.

20080428_usdchf_1.gifUSDCHF Analysis.
USDCHF is in up trend. Further rise towards 1.0600 area to reach the next short term cycle top is possible after consolidation. Near term support is at 1.0300 and followed by 1.0165, as long as 1.0165 support holds, up trend will continue.

20080428_usdjpy_1.gifUSDJPY Analysis.
USDJPY broke above 104.64 previous high and up trend resumed. Further rise towards 107.00 area to reach the next short term cycle top is possible. Initial support is at 103.33, as long as this support holds, up trend will continue.

Day trading the stock market involves the rapid buying and selling of stocks on a day-to-day basis. This technique is used to secure quick profits from the constant changes in stock values, minute to minute, second to second. It is rare that a day trader will remain in a trade over the course of a night into the next day. These trades are entered and exited in a matter of minutes.

The main question that most people ask when it comes to day trading is simple: Is it necessary to sit at a computer watching the markets ALL day long in order to be a successful day trader?

The answer is no. It's not necessary to sit at a computer all day long. There are a number of factors to consider, but generally the rule of day trading is to trade when everyone else is trading. In other words, trade in the morning.

As with all financial investments, day trading is risky  in fact, it's one of the riskiest forms of trading out there. The stock prices rise or fall according to the behavior of the market, which is entirely unpredictable. Day traders buy and sell shares rapidly in the hopes of gaining profits within the minutes and seconds they own those particular stocks. Simple to do in theory, harder to do in practice.

If you are constrained by a small amount of capital, you may not be able to buy large amounts of a stock, but buying only a small amount can add to the risk of a loss. And, obviously, it is impossible to predict with certainty which stocks will result in profits and which in losses. Even the best of traders must learn to accept both outcomes.

It's also important to know that in day trading, it is the number of shares rather than the value of shares that should be the focus. If you day trade, you WILL face losses, but even for the more expensive stocks, the loss should be marginal, because prices do not usually fluctuate to an extreme degree over the course of just one day.

The day trading industry deals in a large variety of stocks and shares. Here are just a few:

Growth-Buying Shares shares made from profit, which continue to grow in value. Eventually, these shares will begin to decline in price, and an experienced trader can usually predict the future of this type of share.

Small Caps shares of companies which are on the rise and show no signs of stopping. Although these shares are generally cheap, they are a very risky investment for day traders. You'll be safer to go with large caps and/or mid-caps, which are much more secure and stable thanks to a premium.

Unloved Stocks company stock that has not performed well in the past. Traders buy these shares in the hopes of generating profits if and when the stock rises in value. As with small caps, unloved stocks can be a risky choice for day traders.

These examples are NOT your only options when it comes to day trading stocks. The best way to determine which type of stock is right for you is to invest some time for careful research, a knowledge of market patterns, a solid strategy, and a disciplined trading plan.

The key to successful day trading is to be prepared. Know as much as possible about the industry before you begin actually trading. You need to learn to trade ONLY when the market gives the right signals, and ONLY when the volume of activity in the market supports a successful trading opportunity.


EU has turned up this morning but it is not adviseable to enter just yet. There are 2 places to enter EU, they are 1.5620 or 1.5520. Possible safe trade is to wait for EU to go lower than 1.5620 and make a stop order long @ 1.5620. It that way if EU actually goes up it will hit the stop order on its way up and hopefully a zero SL trade.

NU is much like EU has turned up. Possible trade is long @ 0.7825. Wait for price to go lower and put a stop order long.

GChf has turned down. Currently not in a clear downward move. 2.0530 is entry for short. Preferably wait for price to exceed that level and put stop order short.


Ive been using Streamyx for over 2 years now. All I can say is look at what monopoly has done to us.

At the moment I am surfing at 32 kbps. That is blistering fast or is it? Currently my streamyx speed is slower than a dial up modem. Talk about super fast broadband. How lousy can you get??


Short AudUsd @ 0.9400 or better
SL 30 pip
TP 0.9335, 0.9280 or wait for close signal

For the time being, that the best entry. Will update later. Earlier signal of UJ and EJ at a loss. Signal is given too early.


Here goes:

Short USDJPY @ 102.60 better
SL 25 pip from entry
TP 102.20, 101.50, 101.10

Short EURJPY @ 163.10 or better
SL 50 pip
TP 161.70, 161.00, 159,70

Thats it. Remember to get the best possible entry and always use SL


At the moment market has no clear direction. For the past 6 days it has been running on ranging mode at the moment the price is in a squeeze. I have to take exit step in order to avoid break out panic. I am trying to close all my post and in order to do that, I have to take some loss.

It is unavoidable in these market situation. For those of you who has been following my signal, most probably you are making some profit but in the end, like me you will have to give some back.

At the moment it is adviseable to stay aside until a clear direction present itself. Happy trading everyone.

So far so good.

This is a screenshot of my live account performance at marketiva. I have to hide some data but what available is enough to show that I am having a good trade so far.

It was taken today. Hopefully things will improve further and I am ready for the big trade. After all I am almost at my 2 year mark.

Do you have what it takes to become a successful Forex Trader?

Forex trading, or any trading for that matter, is an occupation that requires experience and the accumulation of proficiency not unlike any other highly skilled profession. Whether you are a leading executive at a major publically traded company, a professional golfer or trading from your kitchen table, there are 5 key ingredients that one must possess in order to become successful.

1. You must be Passionate about what you do.

As Forex traders we all face one unique set of circumstances that does not exist in any other profession. We get rewarded for when we succeed and equally punished when we don’t! Could you image a corporate worker one quarter receiving a significant accomplishment bonus and the next quarter actually getting money taken from their paycheck for missing performance targets? Not on your life!

We do as Forex traders and that is why passion for what you do will carry you through the tough times that are part of your trading business. Asked yourself why you trade currencies and would you still do it if Forex were not potentially lucrative? Your answers will be quite revealing. You’ve got to feel your passion for trading!

2. You have to Apply Yourself and work hard at it.

I talk to so many people that enter into Forex trading with the aspiration of getting rich quick. Without putting the time and energy into really getting good at trading I see them jump from strategy to strategy looking for the goose that will lay the golden egg and eventually quitting while blaming everything else, except the true cause.

I got news for you – you are the goose and your Forex education is the golden egg. The magic has always resided with the magician and not some strategy. Work hard at trading and the rewards will eventually come your way. Remember what Tiger Woods said, “Funny, the harder I work the luckier I get.” Apply yourself as a trader and it will be no accident when your account begins to blossom.

3. You must Focus to really get good at what you do.

Now here is the hurdle most Forex traders struggle to get over. You have the passion and you are applying yourself to your trade, now focus and really get good at just at what you are doing. Be the expert to the experts at just that one thing. Become the master of a strategy or risk management methodologies. Really focus on getting good at it.

Stop jumping around or getting pulled from the last “latest and greatest” into the next “latest and greatest” and focus on one aspect of Forex trading and know it inside out. Know it strengths and weakness. Set your sights on becoming expert on just one aspect of trading and watch it spill over in all other aspects for your currency trading. This is the time to fail forward fast, use every setback as a learning opportunity that will propel you 3-steps ahead!

4. You must Push Yourself beyond the point everyone else might have quite.

In Forex Trading this is simple. Assume there is someone on the other side of your trade that is pushing themselves and sharpening their edge. To be successful you must you must do the same thing. Now is the time to examine your mental edge. Do you know the single most critical factor in any currency trade? It is you, the trader! Sharpening you mental edge is the most difficult aspect of trading, but also the most rewarding.

Start with your Forex education and gain the self-awareness necessary to maximize your strengths and suppress your weaknesses. Any expert will tell you that trading is 80% mental. It’s time to sharpen your trading to the razor’s edge and you do this through Forex education. A constant and never ending process that will become the cornerstone of your Forex experience.

5. You must, without wavering, be Determined and Persist to your objective.

You will fail. I can state that emphatically. However, you will not be defeated unless you allow your failures to control your trading. It is the old adage; failure is not falling of your horse, failure is refusing to get back on. Your success depends on your ability to dismiss the criticism, rejection, self-doubt and pressures associated with Forex trading.

Defining what is a winning trade, losing trade and bad trade will go a long way into developing you as a successful trader. Without the determination and persistence in all aspects of your trading life, obstacle will definitely appear closer and larger than they actually are.

Take a moment and assess yourself and your trading. Do you have the key elements to succeed? Which areas are presents development opportunities? When conducting a self-evaluation it is critical to be totally upfront and honest with yourself. After all, you will only be dishonest with yourself. One of the most interesting observations you can make is that all key success factors are interwoven. One factor supports the other. This is why your Forex education is a continuous journey of forex strategy, money management and self-mastery. Set these factors as your Forex education goals and take your currency trading to new heights.

Happy Trading!!

Forex Journey

Trading The EUR/AUD

I've spent the better part of a year focusing my attention on the AUD/JPY. I think it's time to start looking into other pairs...Last week I started trading (shorting) the EURAUD.The EURAUD is another pair suitable for the carry trade. [For you beginners, some currency pairs earn interest while you hold them. Those that do allow you to participate in the so-called carry trade. See my recent

Slow and Steady she goes

At the moment EurGbp is at 0.7983. It has turn down and slowly gathering momentum to continue its journey down hill. Anyone care to join the journey? Its a slow and steady journey if you follow EG.

GU has turned up. Unlike EG, GU is full of swing and spikes. Those swing and spikes will kill those who do not ready for it. Trade carefully but trade up hill.

GJ aslo has turned up and like GU it has even nasty swing and spikes. At the moment I fear that GJ will has one more swing down before making its way up again. Trade carefully but trade up hill.

GbpChf also turned up hill. Just follow it but beware of swings and spikes. All Gbp pairs have them.

Forex Roadmap

Do you have a roadmap?Over time it is easy to lose your way. You may forget the current trading ranges of some currencies. You may forget long term position viewpoints that you had previously determined. Frankly, things get hectic at times, and you don't always have the luxury of spending all day reminding yourself about previous conclusions. Some pointers can be very helpful.Here's an
Here goes, what ever you do, manage your position and use SL properly.

Short Audusd @ 0.9300 or better
SL 25 pip

Short NzdUsd @ 0.8000 or better
SL 20 pip

Happy trading.

Who is Willcare??

In the world of Forex, Willcare is a name known to few. I just heard his name this week. He is going to run a seminar on forex this weekend in Sabah. A few friends asked me if I can find out anything about him.

After searching the internet, I found nothing on his trade method. No a single article or picture giving a view of his method. Some people say he is a millionare but for me its no surprise.

He charge RM1200.00 to attend his class and limits the number of students to 50 per class. Last month he ran 8 classes. Lets do the math shall we.

1200 X 50 X 8 = RM480,000.00
That is his income for last month. Do that 3 months and you are a sure millionaire. Simple and easy as abc - 123.

The logic is if you are a millionaire born out of forex why go to the trouble of going all over malaysia and teaching. Wouldnt it be easier just to trade. After all trading forex made you a millionaire.

If you are a millionaire born out of forex, why charge so high and making it available to everyone. Your system claims to have 300 - 500 pip a day. If you trade only 10% of your capital that is a return of 30% - 50% a day. Do the math for a month and you have 900% - 1500% a month return. Thats a lot of money no matter how you look at it. With that much money, why charge RM1,200.00 for the class or money is never enough. If money is never enough, then forex is a wrong place to start with let alone teaching it to someone else.

Anyway this is only my view on someone who claims to be a millionaire born out of trading forex. There are a few forex millionaire and none that I know of giving class with such a high price. I even had an offer from a forex millionaire to learn from him with the price of nothing. Just go see him and he will teach how to trade and be like him and pay nothing in return. Because the money I am going to pay him is nothing compared to what he has now.
I will list trades that have good posibility of profit outcome. No matter how good the posibility, there is always risk involved. Manage your position and use SL appropriately.

Short UJ @ 102.60 or better
SL 45 pips from point of entry

Short GJ @ 205.00 or better
SL 80 pips from point of entry
Better get the entry right, that is one big SL

EU and GU has gone uptrend but still in ranging mode. Trade according to RSI

Tonight at 8:30pm (Malaysia time) there is the Nonfarm Employment Change. Beware.

Forex Mentor

A few friends asked me if I can teach them the proper way to trade. To be profitable and to stay profitable in the long run. I was thinking of publishing it here but some of them do not agree to the idea and suggest that I show them how I trade live in real time and for that reason, the article on how I trade now will not be fully published here. There will be one indicator excluded.

As for those who wish to learn from me, do contact me via my phone and suggest time and place for the class. All I asked is 2 hours of your time and some willingness to absorb the knowledge Im going to give.

It is possible to learn my trading method in 2 hours. It is 90% technical + 10% fundamental. 4 indicators only with total of 8 method to read it combined into 2 trading method to cover trending and ranging market.

All I asked in return is willingness and time to learn, maybe buy me some drinks or something. You cannot expect me to talk for 2 hours without drinks. So find a good place with wifi, bring your laptops and notebooks, spare 2 hours and dont forget to buy me drinks.