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Trade Review 28 June 2007

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: 246.84
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007)
Note: Huge correction happen. This maybe the final run.

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: 165.93
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007)
Note: Huge correction happen. This maybe the final run.

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464
Stop Loss: 1.3466
Target: 1.3131 (13 July 2007)

Potential Trade:
Eur/Chf last correction broke the trend. Look for long entry on the next low. Possible entry @ 1.6501

Forex Education is always king. That being said, I thought this was pretty interesting...

Investing in the forex, currency market even with small capital is very risky advanture. Before taking on the forex trading market, it's important to be armed with a good understanding of the market itself. This is what makes a good free forex education resource, invaluable to both new and veteran forex traders.

The forex, or Foreign Exchange, market is the largest financial exchange market in the world. Every day, more than 1.8 trillion dollars are traded on the forex market. In the past, it was often difficult for smaller traders to take part in this huge money market, due to a lack of contacts and resources. But that situation has changed. More and more, individuals and smaller banks and companies have the opportunity to invest in the forex market, particularly via the internet, making currency trading an exciting and lucrative enterprise for individual traders as much as for the banking industry. However, it's important to keep in mind that currency trading of even small amounts and modest investments can be risky.

Before taking on the forex trading market, it's important to be armed with a good understanding of the market itself, along with an overview of current market trends and risks. This is what makes a good free forex education resource, like free-forex-education dot com, invaluable to both new and veteran forex traders.

At free-forex-education website, established forex traders as well as those with a burgeoning interest in currency trading can learn everything there is to know about the market. Learn what world currencies are making the most money. Know what the risks are, and when and how to make the most money on a trade. Acquire all the knowledge you need in order to make anywhere from a dollar to a million on this highly liquid market, without leaving the comfort of your computer.

Along with using resources available at free forex education sites like Free-forex-education dot com, it's important to as much research as possible before doing any major forex trading. For a free forex ebook and various information on forex trading please visit. This amazing free resource will provide you with all the information you need to get started trading today.

About Author:Joe Karakas is the owner of the forex online resource found at . Our site help with informations and resources to learn to trade forex online. Check out the website for free forex education more details. Please note that our site is just for information purposes and not an advice whatsoever!Article

Source: http://www.BharatBhasha.comArticle Url:

Remember the free stuff is a good start, but a Forex Coach will accelerate the process.

Happy Trading!!

Trade Review 27 June 2007

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007)

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: On Your Own
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007)

Short Usd/Jpy @ 123.57 (Screw up entry)
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 122.44 (27 June 2007, 5am)
Closed @ 122.84
Reason: Did not hit target on time.
Update: UJ reached the target but 9 hours late. Position already closed earlier.

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464
Stop Loss: 1.3480
Target: 1.3131 (13 July 2007)

Still working on time calculation. Hope everything hits on time. Btw this is not a trade signal. These are my actual trade.

Trade Review 26 June 2007

Current position:

Short Gbp/Jpy @ 247.32
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 242.79 (28 June 2007, 1pm)

Short Eur/Jpy @ 166.55
Stop Loss: On Your Own
Target: 163.56 (29 June 2007, 9am)

Short Usd/Jpy @ 123.57 (Screw up entry)
Stop Loss: On your Own
Target: 122.44 (27 June 2007, 5am)

Short Eur/Usd @ 1.3464 (High Risk = Tight Stop Loss)
Stop Loss: 1.3480
Target: None (Trailing Stop Loss)

Experimental target price and date. time based on gmt+8
For EU short. Forecast target is 1.3130 on the 10th July 2007. Hope it hits

Trade Review 25 Jun 2007

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Status : Closed +50
Note : EJ Uptrend was never broken and i missed the long entry. :)

Short EU @ 1.3431
Status : Closed +49
Reenter Short @ 1.3388
Status : Open +4
Note: Closed -20 and enter long. Now holding EU long + 37

Possible Trade:
Eur/Gbp is looking good for a long entry @ 0.6720 or better
Still good for long.

Aud/Usd is looking good for a short entry @ 0.8470 or better
Note: Never enter the short. Still Uptrend.

New Position:
Long Usd/Jpy @ 123.86 (H1)
SL: 123.63
Target: 124.14

Trade Review 22 Jun 2007

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Status : Closed +50
Note : Waiting for uptrend break to enter short. Else enter long. At the moment possible trend break is at 165.57

Short EU @ 1.3431
Status : Closed +49
Reenter Short @ 1.3388
Status : Open +4
Note: Not looking very good. Hold position with tight stop loss

Possible Trade:
Eur/Gbp is looking good for a long entry @ 0.6720 or better
Aud/Usd is looking good for a short entry @ 0.8470 or better
Gbp at the moment is too strong to short, even when the opportunity is there think twice.

Trade Review 21 Jun 2007

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Entry at 245.40
Status : Closed -20
Reason : GBP is too strong + good news. Currently at 2nd cut and hurt bad. Waiting for final cut to enter.

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Status : Closed +40
Reenter short @ 166.00
Current Price : 165.56
Status : +44

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Entry at 121.70
Status : Closed +50
Note : UJ uptrend is hurt bad. Waiting for final cut to reenter

Short EU @ 1.3431
Current Price : 1.3397
Status : Open +34
Note : EU uptrend is over. Hold EU short

GBP and AUD are strong at the moment. Only trade with final cut. EU is down but EJ is still up. EJ is at 2nd cut. Waiting for final cut to hold post.
Whether you are my student or not I genuinely care about your Forex Education. More importantly I'm passionate about every one obtaining a solid financial education - a skill sorely missing in the world. I chose Forex because of the numerous advantages over the other liquid financial markets. It has allowed me to achieve a high level of financial literacy and provide an outlet for my long held desire to teach.

More importantly, Forex education and training has given me the confidence to control my financial future - and that is truly priceless. That being said, we must look past the hype in the marketplace and focus on what it really takes to personally achieve in the Forex market or any endeavor for that matter.

I'm not going to lie to you, trading Forex is not easy. But not for the reasons you may thing. I've found that in the end we are the ones that will ultimately decide to be successful or not. I know lawyers who have failed miserably in Forex and construction workers who are now millionaires. The separator is not IQ, but rather emotional discipline or Self-Mastery. Where is this obtained?

Your Forex education is the key!

Learning yourself will increase your bottom line more than any other single aspect. Let me just preview what emotional elements must be in place for you to succeed in Forex. You will notice that there is no mention of strategy, moving averages or pivot points!

1. Have A Strong Enough "Why" Statement

Why do you want to get your Forex education and trade the currency market? Is it to save for retirement? Is it to supplement your current income? Is it to replace your current job? Are you trying to accelerate your college fund?
The answer to this question must be strong and full of passion! This will be the one element that will get you through the dark times all traders face.

2. You Must Create Momentum

When you begin learning to trade Forex it is exciting and new, but like everything there is a finite Honeymoon period and the effort begins to wade and life takes you away from your Forex education. You must create momentum - pick a time in your schedule and dedicate this to study and trading and continue to focus on the process of trading. Making money should be a secondary thought to placing sound trades.
Imagine where you are going to be six months from now with a solid commitment. Hold on to that thought and never let it go. Work, kids, friends and family - we all go 'em . Don't let excuses creep in and steal your dream.

3. Overcome Any Obstacles

Listen, nobody is exempt from having to climb the learning curve to achieving in Forex. There are no short cuts. Forex education is the best path. I came across a system the other day that is being marketed as a system that "you don't have to learn" to begin trading in your live account immediately. Just watch a video for 10 minutes and you are good to go! Warning!! The sad thing is that the system appeared to built on sound principals, but no system is fool-proof and without your Forex education your risk is 100% if you do not understand when that system can fail!

Create a vision board of pictures that represent your "Why" statement. Put it within eyesight of your trading area. If you come to work in your car - stop listening to the radio and listen to a audio book, if you do not have the money to fund your live trading account continue trading your demo account until you can fund a live account - you will be in better position than 99.9% of the traders who fund an account right away. This why having a coach is so important.

4. Don't Play The Blame Game

You must from this second forward begin to take full responsibility for all your actions. If a trade didn't work out, don't blame the market or the strategy. Playing the blame game will be devastating to your experience. Look at each situation as a learning experience. I always say that in life there are no failures only feedback! I always ask one simple question after both a losing trade and a wining trade:

"What lesson do I need to learn from this to become a better trader?"

5. Don't Quit On Yourself

It's your dream and I want to fight for it with you, because I know what a mistake it would be to just give up and quit. If you quit you will ultimately learn nothing and would've missed an opportunity to turn your "Why" into your reality!

All you need is a Forex coach.

Happy Trading!!

Trade Review 20 Jun 2007

Yesterday signal:

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Entry at 245.40
Current price : 245.26
Status : Open +14

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Entry at 166.00
Current price : 165.68
Status : Open +32

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Entry at 121.70
Current price : 123.41
Status : Open +29

Long Aus/Usd @ 0.8425 or better
Entry at 0.8425
Current price : 0.8466
Status : Closed +30

Possible Trade:

Eur/Usd uptrend is still intact but the strength is broken. Last high was at 1.3436. Possible entry for short @ 1.3445

Gbp/Usd has enter the no trade zone. Trend is still up. Strength is still there. Follow with Stop loss. Possible turn at 1.9897

Forex Signal 19 Jun 2007

Based on 4H chart. Purely technical. Intermediate trend.

Short GJ @ 245.45 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 400 pip
Risk Level : High

Short EJ @ 166.15 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 400 pip
Risk Level : High

Short UJ @ 121.83 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 200 pip
Risk Level : Medium

Long Aus/Usd @ 0.8425 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : 20 - 120 pip
Risk Level : Low

There is no specific target as I dont know where the price is heading. Adjust stop loss to the lowest/highest value of every pullback/retrace.
I teach a lot of traders and at the beginning they all have the same question...

How long will it take me to learn this? How much time can I expect to spend on my Forex education.

You know there is no answer to this. There are many variables to this answer, but it really comes down to the qualities needed to overcome most obstacle -- patience, determination, persistence and perseverance.

I know, yeah but..

Yeah, we have all those qualities, but we still want to accelerate the process. My recommendation is to live at the razor's edge. If you have traded Forex for any time you will realize that the difference between profit and loss is literally a razor's edge. With experience comes minor tweaking of our trading process until we have found consistency. Consistency gained through Forex training.

It's kind of like baseball (my favorite trading - sports analogy). If you are a .320 batter your baseball career you will most likely be elected to the Hall of Fame and bestowed major accolades. If you hit .280 everyone will tell you that you had a nice career, but no Hall of Fame call will come your way.

The difference between the two is that the .320 hitter got one more hit every 15 at bats .. that's it!

A minor increase in your Forex education is all that it will take for you to gain access into the Hall of Fame for Traders. Commit to yourself that you will read another chapter of the technical analysis book tonight, or spend 30 more minutes in your trading room will lead to astonishing returns down the road.

It is the little things that will ultimately give you the edge.

Happy Trading!!
From the way i see it. Usd/Jpy strength is broken but the uptrend is still intact. Anyone care for a high risk entry??

Short UJ @ 123.70 or better
Stop Loss : On your own
Target : This is going to be a big one

And before i forget, EurJpy and GbpJpy is riding on the trendline. Not broken yet but if all goes well we will see it broken by tonight. Then we have the usual ranging market before a new trend is born.

Happy trading.

This is a picture of Eur/Usd 4H chart on Marketiva platform. See the candle in the red circle. It has a long tail down which touch 1.3370. The price move within seconds down and up again. My Stop Loss was set at 1.3373 at that moment and it stopped out. Below is a picture of Eur/Usd 4H from North Finance. As you can see, North Finance did not register the same sudden price move.

If I am not mistaken, this is the forex market where the rates are the same all over the world. So why is it that Marketiva have that sudden price jump and North Finance did not register it at all.

Eventhough I was stopped out but I still get out with 50 pip profit and i did not enter again as the strength of the trend isnt worth it. Btw my target for that trade was 1.3450. To enter the market again for a maximum gain of another 50 pip isnt worth the risk as the trend isnt strong enough. Any of you had the same problem with marketiva?

Forex Day Trading system - Importance of an oscillator

Forex Day Trading system - Importance of an oscillator such as Stochastic Lot of people try to place trade using a lot of indicators. Well the more the indicators, the less the number of forex trades one can place since one will wait for all the indiactors to line up which will not happen too often. More than that it also confuses matter. According to me use of 2-3 technical indicators tops is
For the past few weeks, ive been bz with work. As a result I wasnt able to concentrate on trading. So far so good, my account is still in profit.I just need another 30% to meet my target for this month which is 100% profit a month. Most of the time I manage to achieve that target but sometimes I failed.

Last friday before I board a plane to Sandakan, I enter a trade long Eur/Usd and at the moment its up 63 pip. Hopefully all goes well and EU will have another rally.

My current position is:

Long Eur/Usd @ 1.3323.
SL 1.3300
Target 1.3400.

Next monday I have to adjust the Stop Loss since it cannot be done on weekend. Btw project 1 hour system has been scrap. It is so difficult to tade using lower timeframe that I have decided to stick to 4H and above.

Happy Trading.

Saya rekomendasikan anda bergabung dengan Marketiva , sebab account Min hanya $1 dan anda diberi bonus langsung $ 5 setelah Sign Up. Bonus yang diberikan juga bisa langsung transaksi.

Sign-Up Valas (Forex) Online "Free $ 5"
Berikut metoda dalam bergabung pada Market Forex (Valas) online secara Gratis :
Untuk bisa memulai transaksi sekaligus belajar forex trading (valas trading) di Marketiva, ikutilah langkah-langkah berikut secara berurutan.

Untuk mendaftar, silakan buka website Marketiva , setelah terbuka, klik Open Account, isilah data diri Anda secara lengkap. Untuk field dengan tanda * (bintang) harus Anda isi, yang lain boleh Anda kosongkan.

  • Username: pilihlah username yang indah, karena akan Anda gunakan untuk chatting dengan sesama trader, misalnya: orang_kaya, mster_trader, cantik, tampan, dsb.
  • Password: minimal 8 karakter gabungan huruf dan angka.
  • First Name: isi nama depan Anda
  • Last Name: isi nama belakang Anda, jika nama Anda hanya terdiri dari satu suku kata, masukkan nama Anda tersebut di field First Name dan Last Name. Contoh: jika nama Anda adalah Donny, maka masukkan First Name: Donny, Last Name: Donny.
  • Untuk data alamat isikan sesuai dengan KTP Anda.
  • E-mail: diisi alamat e-mail Anda yang masih aktif.
PERHATIAN: Seluruh data diri yang Anda isikan harus sama dengan KTP, karena akan dilakukan proses verifikasi untuk bisa melakukan transaksi forex trading (trading valas).

Setelah selesai mengisi, klik tombol Continue>

  • User Template: pilih Standar Forex Trader
  • Coupon: boleh dikosongkan
  • Recovery Question: pilih yang paling cocok dengan Anda, misalnya Anda memiliki anjing dengan nama freddy, maka pilih: What is your pet's name?
  • Recovery Answer: dalam contoh ini maka jawaban anda adalah: freddy
Setelah selesai mengisi, klik tombol next>

Berilah tanda ("V") chek pada pilihan: I have read, understood, and agree with the Service Agreement under which Marketiva Corporation provides it services and products. I have also read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement and I am willing and able to assume such risks.
Setelah itu klik tombol [finish]. Maka proses pendaftaran Anda sudah selesai.

Setelah Anda mendaftar, maka Anda perlu mengupload data diri Anda untuk diverifikasi, Anda hanya diizinkan membuka satu account. Anda tidak bisa melakukan penarikan dana sebelum melakukan identifikasi, dan ada kemungkinan account Anda di-suspend (dibekukan) jika Anda menggunakan komputer dengan IP address yang sama dengan trader lain. Untuk itu segeralah melakukan verifikasi identitas diri, berikut data yang diperlukan:

  • Image ID: Scan KTP/SIM/KTM atau kartu identitas lain yang ada foto dan nama Anda tertera di kartu identitas tersebut.
  • Image Adress: Scan data tagihan yang alamatnya sama dengan KTP/SIM/KTM Anda, misal tagihan listrik, tagihan telepon, rekening bank dll, data di tagihan ini digunakan untuk konfirmasi alamat.
Scan data harus berwarna dan masing-masing file ukurannya maksimal 100kb, jadi sewaktu scan, resolusi di set ke 72-100 dpi saja.
Bila Anda tidak mempunya data tagihan yang ada nama dan alamat Anda disitu, maka anda boleh mengupload scan ktp saja, scan bagian depan KTP sebagai ID image, bagian belakang sebagai Address image.
Silahkan Upload disini
Setelah mengupload data, melaporlah ke live support yang ada di situs Marketiva. Beberapa saat kemudin Anda akan diberitahu bahwa data diri Anda telah selesai diverifikasi.

Proses deposit dan withdrawl termudah adalah dengan e-gold. PASTIKAN: Nama lengkap Anda di account e-gold harus sama dengan nama lengkap di Marketiva, jika tidak sama maka Anda akan mengalami kesulitan dalam proses deposit dan withdrawl. Membuka account secara Gartis dapat klik e-Gold Disini.

Untuk memulai transaksi forex trading (valas trading) di Marketiva, Anda memerlukan software Streamster, silakan Download disini untuk mendapatkan versi terakhir atau dengan cara menekan tombol get streamster di bagian kanan atas website Marketiva dan install di komputer Anda, kemudian jalankan program Marketiva, Login dengan username dan password yang baru saja Anda buat. Setelah selesai Anda download, double klik file hasil download Anda tersebut untuk menginstallnya di komputer Anda, ikuti langkah-langkah yang diminta.

Untuk konsultasi dengan team support dalam bahasa indonesia sebaiknya anda menghubunginya di International Support chanel atau di Advanced Chanel. Kalau ingin bertanya dalam bahasa Inggris boleh langsung di Chanel Support. Sekedar tambahan, chanel Support itu bisa diakses dari dua jalur, yaitu dari website dan dari program Streamster. Kalau anda tidak bisa login dari Streamster karena alasan-alasan tertentu, anda bisa menghubungi team support melalui Live Support Setelah Anda login masuklah ke room chat international dan indonesia, caranya klik tombol groups di bagian atas jendela streamster, tunggu sebentar sampai ditampilkan daftar room yang ada, pilih international dan indonesia, klik OK, maka otomatis Anda masuk room international dan indonesia. Untuk mulai bertransaksi, bertanyalah kepada support personel dari Marketiva menggunakan bahasa indonesia, boleh di room international maupun di room indonesia. Support personel adalah orang dengan nick yang ada huruf ' i ' (information) di depan nicknya, mereka akan dengan senang hati membantu Anda memahami cara-cara bertransaksi di Marketiva.dari website. Mereka akan melayani anda dalam bahasa apa saja (English, Indonesia, China, Prancis, Arabic, Portuguees, Bulgaria dan Russia) tergantung Team support yang hadir saat itu. Tapi kalau anda sudah login menggunakan program streamster, maka anda hanya diperkenankan untuk bertanya dalam bahasa indonesia atau basa asing lainnya selain inggris di chanel International Support.

Untuk Mulai Transaksi secara Online, silahkan Kunjungi :

Dalam Transaksi ini, sebaiknya anda menggunakan sistem pembayaran dan witdrawl melalui elektronik gold, sebuah alat tukar yang digunakan secara online di seluruh dunia. Lalu, untuk meng-uangkannya kembali menjadi rupiah, silahkan buka dulu account e-gold exchange yang banyak tersebar di indonesia, saya rekomendasikan anda gabung di


Bila Anda ingin mencairkan e-gold ke dalam bentuk mata uang Rupiah, yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah menjual kembali e-gold Anda ke merchant e-gold di Indonesia contohnya Indochanger. Dalam transaksi tersebut Anda akan mentransfer e-gold ke rekening merchant dan Anda akan menerima uang dalam bentuk Rupiah (biasanya melalui ATM atau transfer bank, disarankan Bank Central Asia). Untuk mengisi e-gold, yang Anda lakukan adalah langkah sebaliknya, Anda setorkan Rupiah ke merchant, dan merchant akan mengisi account e-gold Anda. Silakan buka account e-gold exchange Anda dgn Klik Indochanger.

A key point to fit in your forex trading style

A key point to fit in your forex trading system -I was reading an ebook on Forex Trading the other day. It was full of trading strategies. Ofcourse not all strategies fit trading style of everyone. Some are for forex day trading and some for swing trading.However there is one point that caught my attention on money management - "Never let a profitable situation end in a loss" This means that if

EUR/USD still looking bearish - More pounding to come from $$

EUR/USD still looking bearish - More pounding to come from $$The EUR/USD has just now broken a trend support line on daily chart. The ideal way to trade now will be to use your forex trading systems of fibonacci retracements. Identify the next target the USD can go to on the daily chart and then identify the entry and exit points on the 1 hr chart if you do currency swing trading, or 15 min chart

A landmark post - USD in massive gains

A landmark post - USD in massive gains There are 2 points I am trying to cover in this message. The 1st is personnal .. Here it is -This is the 100 th post on this forex trading blog.. Yes, the overall count has reached triple digits. It started as a small journey with a quick introduction. Now it is a blog where people come regularly to get updates about happenning in Forex market from an angle

Forex Education - Avoid the Online Currency Trading Trap

Online currency trading in increasing in popularity and with that comes the good, the bad and the “you know what.” Like any business venture there are people out there waiting to take advantage of you and people who genuinely want to help.

Some people hocking learn to trade packages are internet marketers riding the wave of a hot market in search of profits off of someone else’s products. Others are skilled professional seeking to satisfy the teacher in all of us.

How do you get the necessary skills to become a successful Forex trader? How do you know which product or system is the Holy Grail?

The truth is that this does not exist!

Get your Forex education.

The simple truth is that the Forex market is made of human beings and price is nothing more than a representation of supply and demand, which is nothing more than the collective fear and greed the market perceives of a currency pairs value.

That’s it!

I have heard statistics as high as 95% of Forex traders lose money, so logic will tell you to focus in what the 5% are doing for consistent success. They know their system, execute high probability trades, and manage their risk. Most importantly they know themselves inside and out and how their emotions impact their trading.

Notice I said consistent success. So how is consistency found? Well, not in books, surfing the net or even the going it alone approach. Going it alone is the craziest of all. It will succeed if you are willing to lose your account over and over again until YOU figure it out or quit! Which scenario is more likely?

Let’s draw some examples from other professions that require peak performance under pressure. First, thing that comes to mind is professional sports. What do all professional athletes have in common, regardless of the sport? They all have a coach.

Whether the athlete participates in a team or individual sport they all have a coach! A coach is a teacher, a coach can serve as a motivator, and a coach can point out constructive feedback for improvement.

Let’s turn to another profession, business executives. One of the fastest growing industries in business is the business coach. High performance in the business world is critical and now more and more executives are turning to coaches for the same reason as professional athletes.
The moment of truth lies with the trader. The simple reason a Forex coach is valuable is because they are not you. They are not in the fish bowl with you. A coach can impart trading expertise and guide you through the process of Forex trading. A coach will connect you with yourself and maximize your performance.

So when searching for Forex education and online training, seek out education packages that cover strategy, risk management and will introduce you to your trader inside. Seek out those that teach through coaching and are there with you step-by-step.

You are playing the only game that will reward you when you are correct and implement severe penalties when you are wrong. Don’t leave anything to chance. Invest in yourself by investing in your Forex education.

Happy Trading!!

Free Forex Signal

Here goes. Signal based on my new 1 hour system.

Short GU @ 1.9921.
SL 1.9951
Hold till trend end.

This is a high risk trade based on my new 1 hour system.

Famous and reliable resources to learn Forex Trading

Famous and reliable resources to learn Forex Trading -Thanks for visiting my site again. As I was mentioning in my last post, this post is about relaible resources for learning currency trading. Without learning from the great resources if you start trading, let me tell you that it is as good as seeing money go down the drain. So, choice of a good resource ( an ebook, or a video course, a paid
For the longest time, ive been trading using 4h and longer time frame becoz its too difficult trading the lower timeframe. Now ive develop a system for 1h and lower timeframe. I need someone to forward test it. Interested email me at
This oscillator, a version of the stochastics oscillator, was developed by Larry Williams.

Interpretation Mr. Williams indicates that the essence of his trading system is based on interpreting readings of %R. He states that, "Generally speaking, readings below 95% give a buy indication - during bull markets. A reading above 10% gives a sell signal during bear markets." He goes on to say that "the %R index will not work if you insist on acting on the buy signals during a bear market." He emphasizes strongly the need to isolate the dominant trend - whether it is a bull or bear trend. Then he tracks price movements with %R and waits for the signals. (See his book, "How I made One Million Dollars... Last Year... Trading Commodities" by Larry R. Williams.)

To determine the long term trend for commodity or futures markets, Mr. Williams advocates the use of a 10-week moving average. The indicator is now popular in most markets and has proven itself useful with stocks.

Like other momentum indicators, Williams %R is not very useful in a sideways market, or trading range. The market needs to be trending up or down for the signals to be reliable.

Mr. Williams bases his system largely on the use of the following two signals (once again notice that the signal is reliant on the direction of the underlying long-term trend): • Buy when %R hits 90% to 100% and the trend is up.
• Sell when %R hits 10% to 0% and the trend is down.

Some traders use readings below 80% to indicate oversold markets and readings above 20% to indicate overbought markets. These levels can also be used as early warning signals.

In a blow-off market, where prices have undergone a very steep rise, Mr. Williams suggests waiting before responding to %R. For example, he suggests acting on buy signals (assuming the long term trend is up) only after:

1. %R has hit 100%, 2. Five trading days have passed since the 100% reading was hit, and 3. %R again falls below 95%.

Mr. Williams assures us that not all signals will be correct; there are no perfect indices. "Yet," he continues, "%R remains the best timing tool I have ever used for determining overbought and oversold markets."

Williams %R has proven very useful in anticipating market reversals. The indicator almost always forms a peak and turns down a few days before the price peaks and turns down. And vice versa for bottoming markets.

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Here is an interesting video called "The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America" It is a long view so you may want to rip it ot a DVD.

Just another part of the Forex education process!

Top Sources to learn forex trading onlineSorry for posting after quite a while..I was working on something which I'll share with you within next few messages. Its kind of nice new thing. People generally tend to ask me how should they learn about trading forex. This is a very common question. With so much information flowing on internet and significant amount of it being scan, its not difficult