Forex Day Trading System : importance of correct forex charts

Forex Day Trading System : importance of correct forex charts to follow tradeI have observed that most of the traders and newbies generally tend to focus on the book to learn trading stratgies or systems and not focus on rest of the essentials. What they don't realize is that it doesn't matter if you have wheat in the house and not the utensils to cook it.Same goes with forex trading. Along with

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  • I have seen so many traders look for the "Holy Grail" of trading inside the latest and greatest strategy without realizing that the true path to success in the market lies within.

    The goal of our website is to teach traders to manage 3 Key Elements: their trade through sound strategies and approaches, themselves through identifying their true trading personalities and trading to their individual strengths (no one size fits all here!) and lastly, through strong money management principals.

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    Free Forex Signal 30/03/2007

    GJ is currently going to shitf from uptrend to downtrend. Currently at 2nd swing. Hopefully this swing will be the last before a new trend emerge. Possible entry for GJ:

    Short GJ @ 231.65 or better
    Possible ceiling for GJ is @ 232.35
    Entry window = 231.65 - 232.35
    Stop Loss: Own your own.

    Possible entry for EJ:
    Short EJ @ 157.43 or better
    Possible ceiling @ 157.55
    Entry window = 157.43 - 157.55
    Stop Loss: Own your own

    GU is not in full swing mode for the past 8 days. Uptrend already broken but currently refuse to go down. Most probably it will go down but there is a possibility that it will gain momentum after the drop to create another uptrend. Trade with care. Possible entry:
    Short GU @ 1.9646
    Possible ceiling @ 1.9733
    Entry window = 1.9646 - 1.9733
    Btw, it looks like GU is going to swing up one more time before finally going down. Watch out.

    This is a difficult one since Euro is getting strong lately. If EU is going down it will not be by that much compare to GU. Possible entry:
    Short EU @ 1.3347 or better
    Possible ceiling @ 1.3378
    Entry window = 1.3347 - 1.3378

    Happy trading. I cannot be held responsible for any loss.
    We are all in search of our passion. That one thing that really defines us. For most of us that passion is as diverse as the rainbow of colors we call the human race.

    Some people find there passion in Real Estate, while other marketing products on the internet (we are all marketers by the way - whether you realize it or not - that's a subject for another day). My brother-in-law is a farmer and he is one of the happiest people I know when he is on top of his tractor.

    I have found my passion in trading, studying and teaching the Forex Market. I strongly believe success lies within each and every trader. The only missing ingredients are perseverance and confidence. That is why I teach the strategy, but really focus in on what makes every individual trader tick and structure my lessons to instill the necessary mental skills to flourish trading the currency market.

    If this is the style of teacher you want. We are almost ready for classes to begin!

    In the mean time follow us over on Forex Journey Lens and come back here often for our launch date announcement of Forex Journey - The Website for Forex Training!

    Happy Trading!!

    Long Time No Post

    Been busy and trading system going thru minor change. Hopefully I have time in the future to post signal. Still looking for easier way to post forex signal. Any idea??
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